African Violets – Put Down A Leaf

14 Feb


Wow! that’s a lot of leaves

When the African Violet bug bites, the virus really catches hold,, the Newbie finds herself drawn to advertising that offers collections of leaves for a ‘can not resist’ price.  Little does she realize each leaf can produce six or more babies.

Each Mommy leaf probably comes with a name tag attached.  Things become personal, now!                             ???

The bonding process, that is so much a part of the African Violet culture, begins to manifest itself, from this beginning.  Suddenly, this is not a leaf!  This is my precious ” Adera”  who is going to make me a  Mommy soon!.

You seasoned growers know exactly what I am talking about.  If you are not smitten with the virus you are thinking this is the most stupid thing I ever read.   I smile  ..I have been there….I know.  ,You’ll see.

Just know you have been warned…….Now we can get on with business

  1.  Angle trim the the stem with a sharp blade .  You should have at least 1/2 inch  stem,   Cut so the raw angle of the cut is on the side corresponding to the front of your mother  leaf.  
  2.  Immerse your trimmed leaf in warm water for thirty minutes; remove from water and allow to dry on paper towel 
  3. Insert stem into rooting medium, about 1/4 inch deep.  A 2 once bathroom cup with a drainage  hole in the bottom  is ideal  Fill  half full of moist rooting mix, allowing the sides to support the mother leaf.
  4. Cover to maintain moisture and moderate temperature.  There are many ways to do this.   Use a zip lock bag, invert a clear bathroom cup over container, cover with clear wrap,etc  Use your imagination!
  5. Place in indirect light.  A window sill is ideal. Florescent lights  can accelerate  formation of rabbit ears (that’s what babies attached to Mamma are called)
  6. Wait and watch and wait some more.  You should start to see ears in about a month

A couple of final notes

 ???????????????????????????Never use soil.  . A small bag of  seed starter mix is most convenient.  Be careful not to use any mix that has fertilizer added.  The mix should have a moisture content similar to a damp sponge, this degree of moisture should be maintained other wise you run the risk of killing your leaves by rot.

  More violets and leaves have died from over watering  than any cause.  African Violets are not aquatic plants 



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